My name is Steinar, a 34 years old man from Norway.

I am 6,2 tall and weigh 220 lbs.

I have two kids, a girl who is 6 years and a boy who is 15 months old.


When I was about 4-5 years old, something traumatic happend 2 me. 

My father went 2 take a little nap on the couch, I saw that he fell down. He had died of an heartattack. 

That terrible incident has affected me a lot. 

I became a rebellious boy and got into trouble and had some time in jail. 

But now I have settled down and made peace with myself. And I wish 2 create a good life for me, my kids and my fiancè by achieving some of my dreams.


My big passion is training and I work out 3 times a week and I'm trying 2 show all the people in the world my life.


I have been training for 4 years 


For a few years back the doctors meant that I had arthritis. And they put me on a lot of medications including pills that contained chemo.

After 3 years of pain and medications, I went 2 a chiropractor who snapped my bones into the right places and it helped a lot. 

After all the pain, I decided 2 do whatever I could so I never would end up back in that bad place.

The one thing that really worked for me was training. Now I dont need my crutches any more and I can do everything I could do before. 

One thing that I've learned is 2 never give up hope. It's amazing what you can do with motivation.


The biggest goals of my life is 2 be able 2 make a living from my training, motivate and inspire other people.


My training is a 100% natural, I only use supplements, pre workout and food.